General Series Synopsis

A mythical Tribe is speculated upon by the media and feared by criminals. Tabloids suggest a pack of warriors who parade around the map as vigilantes. In truth, there is one man; an assassin out to avenge the genocide committed on his village.

Tribe ProfileTribe #1 The Ancient Warrior

While bringing a group of criminals to justice it is established that the mythical Tribe of men is just one man.

Dr. Jason Kusimba; mechanical engineer, archeologist, and anthropologist lectures his anthropology class. His riveting lecture discusses fire as a tool responsible for the success and fall of many civilizations. Dr. Kusimba hails from a Tanzinian tribe, a prince of the most skilled hunters in the world.

Dr. Kusimba burns with revenge as he dons his war paint and prepares his high-tech arsenal for the next kill. His methods are ancient; tracking barefoot with war paint as if in the wild, but his arsenal is engineered with cutting edge technology adapted for concrete jungles.

Series Philosophy

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both theorized the nature of mankind. Hobbes thought that mankind would naturally fall subject to a leviathan (powerful figure). Locke offered a premise of mankind naturally having order and establishing a society through moral reasoning. The Tribe series comments on the nature of people; their reaction to stimuli, their morality, and the consequences of their actions. Kusimba is a sole survivor of a genocide; the last of his kind. He embodies the state of nature. Kusimba’s methods are viewed as primal, but his tools are logic and science.


Tribe BodyJason Kusimba while technologically advanced thanks to research funds appears to his prey in traditional tribal garb. His skin is black and he dawns white tribal paint, his chest is bare except for the quiver of arrows and the strap slung across it. His feet are bare or at least they appear to be, he has footpads that amplify his acrobatic prowess. He dawns tan thigh cut Speedos equipped with a double stacked utility belt with green pouches that hang nearly the length of his tan shorts. His eyes glow an ephemoral amber as lions do under moonlight. This eye wear also links to a device that relays a range finder and targeting system.