Highlighted Reading List

Switch provides a framework for change that is simple, multifaceted, and based on research. This book led the charge in the redesign of tutor observations for me in the Learning Center. Now tutors are more invested in observations and quicker to make progress, because they choose the skills they would like to work on, and how they will do it.

This book is a great read on memory. I used it for professional development to generate a sense of mastery in my tutoring staff in the Learning Center. The hope is that this book would help the tutors and myself improve our memories plus help students with their memories as it relates to concepts learned in class and preparation for exams. Joshua Foer dispels several myths about memory and provides research done on memory. Most compelling is the fact that the book was based on his one year experience of going from an average person with an average memory to one year later a mental athlete who would win the national memory competition.


I initially picked this book up to help with the professional development of tutors in the Learning Center and to enhance their online training on communication. The book is cleverly written and provides research and insights into what makes ideas stick. This is a great perspective on The way in which teachers should frame lectures, businesses should run ads, or for the purposes of the Learning Center, the way tutors should explain concepts. This book and its research has definitely impacted the way in which I present information and produce reports in my work.


Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos.com is a person that I admire for his tenacity to do things in his business that contribute to long term sustainability and branding. This book made a significant impact on how customer service was shaped for the Learning Center’s tutoring program.
Jay Z’s decoded brought a great outlook to a culture that I identify with. Understanding the modern culture of hip hop and how it parallels with the success of a businessman and his view of society was very important for me as a young professional. One of the best Christmas gifts I received in 2010, thanks Nicole.
Graduating from CSU, Fresno as a pre-law student and philosophy major I was most grateful for my skills in argumentation, logic, and learning. Plato’s republic was one of those pieces that symbolized what it meant to learn for the sake of understanding the world around you. It is a skill that I have built a career on and I am thankful for this book and the interesting way in which it interpreted the idea.
Outliers was my first read from the Gladwell series. It was very interesting that our framework for successful individuals could not be further from the truth. Gladwell paints pictures of why prominent lawyers, Ceos, athletes, and politicians gained the prominence they did. It instilled in me a sense of practice and not to stagnate yourself at the risk of loosing a good opportunity when it comes by.
This book is a nice way to view the power of ideas and understand how they grow. “The Tipping Point is the biography of an idea, and the idea is very simple. It is that the best way to understand the emergence of fashion trends, the ebb and flow of crime waves, or, for that matter, the transformation of unknown books into bestsellers, or the rise of teenage smoking, or the phenomena of word of mouth, or any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life is to think of them as epidemics.” -Malcolm Gladwell

This book is a collection of one of the greatest non-fiction writers. I used his chapter on the New Boy Network to use structured interviewing. Structured interviewing is asking how someone would handle a situation and rating their answer on a scale that represents a schema.