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Athletic Wear Rebrand

It’s All About Mentality was a start-up apparel company that reached out to me after they experienced challenges a logo design. Together we went from a logo design to a brand strategy that… Continue reading

Tutoring Strategy Redesign

Tutoring at Fresno State is essential to support students at the institution. The value of drop-in tutoring is that it is open-source learning that moves at the student’s pace. When redesigning the tutoring… Continue reading

Project Based Learning for Employee Training

Tutors who have done well in courses that have high drop, fail, and withdrawal rates at Fresno State are hired to help their peers through the courses they succeeded in. Once they are… Continue reading

Tutoring Program Grade Outcomes Two Year Study

One of the primary learning outcomes for our tutoring program is that students who regularly attend tutoring will outperform students who do not. In a two-year study we found that not only was… Continue reading

Falafel Express Logo Design Concept

Final Logo Brief Falafel Express is a local resturaunt with great food made quickly. It was important that the logo represent speed and the staples of the cultural food. The lime green color… Continue reading

Employee Observation Design

The Learning Center was one of few places that had a formal observation set up for their student employees hired as tutors. There were two major issues with the process. The ratio of… Continue reading