Online Tutor Training

In the Learning Center a key responsibility of mine is to train peer tutors to help other college students succeed in courses. Since every tutor has strengths in various subjects we wanted to make sure that the delivery of tutoring no matter what subject provided three things for students:

  1. Great learning experience
  2. Improved self confidence
  3. Improved knowledge of content

So we enhanced the training program that the Learning Center had in place and added new components to accomplish those very things. Training tutors has two different phases. Students interact face to face for a one day training at the beginning of the semester and an on going two hour training each month. Preceding the face to face training is the online training course which I designed. You can see some samples of the online training by taking a peek at the screenshots below. Students would review presentation material on several different topics important to tutoring and their new job. They would then answer a series of questions based off of the material. During the presentation they would be directed to web links or videos to peak interest and provide interaction.

Tutor training creates effective communicators that facilitate conversation through questioning and activities. They work with students at their pace focusing on what they want to work on. The tutors job is to find the learning opportunities while they are focusing on what the student wants. When an opportunity is found tutors disrupt tasks by involving the student in deep understanding. This calls for great communication skills, improvisation skills, and creativity.