Coding: HTML, CSS, .Js, and jQuery…

I have learned to write code in HTML and CSS. Now I am moving on to JavaScript and jQuery. My first project was actually the “CV” page of my portfolio. I have many more projects to come. I believe that learning to code will help me solve problems easily. I have already made use of it in my job at the Learning Center. Often the clunky trial-and-error of getting the content management interface of our web-provider to work takes time. Now I find myself dealing exclusively with source code because it is more precise.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Fresno State; I studied propositional logic, predicate logic, and modal logic. My logic background has made coding an intuitive skill to learn. I know the logic that needs to be applied and now I must master the logic to be able to speak to different devices.

Without a solid grounding in the purpose and theory of logic students can at best learn to copy patterns of syntax transformation that have no more meaning for them than ancient hieroglyphics. -Dale Jaquette

Pic of coding

I taught myself to code

 Code Snippets:

In order to mimic a resume I generated in microsoft word I had to solve a problem with columns. The piece of code below was my solution. I wrapped two divs within a div, gave them different percentages, and floated them left. Of course I came up with much more difficult solutions before putting in the proper research and refining the information that I found.

Column Code Snippet

Two Column Code

Column Code 2 Snippet

Two Column Code

Column Code Snippet Proof

Column Snippet Sample

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