Social Media

Social media is less about advertising and more about engagement. Of course the end goal is advertising, but you cannot effectively reach people without engaging them. At Fresno State I have worked on several social media campaigns in my role with the Learning Center. I continue to work on improving the reach of the Learning Center’s programs through facebook and instagram.

  • With direction from Fresno State’s Social Media Director we began to post more frequently. We also established a plan to detail which of our staff will post and when. Interaction has went up, and we have found that humor is a great way to get students engaged. During finals we ran a meme a day that was related to studying. Another lesson we learned is that pictures are king, and every post must have them. Eventually we would like to post pictures of tutoring as it happens because many local newspapers maintain their success because people want to see themselves in published photos.
  • A few weeks ago (3-1-2014) I received a project from my director to improve the social media presence of two of our new web-based programs. We developed a plan to better promote “StudentLingo”, a series of online study skills workshops, and online tutoring. Our approach was to engage students through pictures and humor at the beginning of the week and provide the specific resource at the end of the week. For example if we want students to attend the online test taking workshop we will take pictures of everyday life in the Learning Center, students like tagging themselves in photos, and use a series of meme’s related to test taking. Then, on Friday we post the link to the actual workshop.
  • We have learned that meme’s, yes the low quality fuzzy photos with blocky-white text, are a very effective way to engage students.

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