Please Remember Resources

In the Learning Center I encourage the tutors to leverage online resources like and the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at purdue because it shows students a tool they can use themselves and it is a great way to manage time effectively between multiple students. The problem is that it was difficult for tutors to remember to offer online resources as they are not sitting at computers at all times.

The failure of reminder emails, and activities in meetings lead me to a tangible approach. So, I worked with the professional staff of the Learning Center to critique stickers that I developed. The stickers have been effective reminders. They are just laying on every table where tutoring takes place. It is a great reminder for students and tutors. Students can stick them to their binders or notebooks and tutors see them visually on the tables. Sometimes the solution isn’t right in front of your face, but it might need to be right in front of your face.